The Bechdel Test

Client: Student spec work to promote a non-profit cause

Assignment: Pick a social issue you stand for. Then fight for it.

(The Bechdel Test was first created by a German cartoonist in 1985. You can read about it here.)

Copywriter: Jinn Liu
Art Director: Maddie Atkinson


The goal of the Bechdel Test Microsite is to create a more cohesive image for the brand, as well as provide a dependable resource for consumers to research about their favorite movies. Ideally, the website will pull from pre-existing film databases like IMDB, and all search results will show whether or not a film passes or fails the test. 


Netflix and chill with awareness. A Netflix extension available for all Chrome browsers allows you to browse Netflix choices and see immediately whether a film passes or fails the Bechdel test. Hover over each Bechdel results stamp to see exactly which parts of the test passed.